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At IPS Innovative Production Systems, we are proud to not only offer top-class products but also provide an extensive Media Center filled with valuable information about our diverse solutions and technologies. Our Media Center is a valuable resource for customers, partners, and prospects who want to learn more about our expertise in areas like slide grinding technology, induction solutions, painting technology, special machine construction, and automation and conveyor technology.

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We cordially invite you to explore our Media Center and benefit from our expertise. If you have any further questions or need specific information about our products and solutions, our expert team is here to assist you. At IPS Innovative Production Systems, we strive to understand your requirements and offer you the best possible support.

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Vibratory Grinding Technology

IPS - Innovative Produktionssysteme: Experts in Sophisticated Mechanical Engineering Solutions

IPS is a leader in the construction of machinery for surface processing, including polishing turbine blades for the aerospace industry. The company offers comprehensive solutions from development to installation. Their fast decision-making processes are a competitive advantage and ensure satisfied customers. IPS is ready to continue realizing complex projects in various industries in the future. Inquiries for individual challenges are welcome!

Efficient Stainless Steel Polishing with Clear Advantages

Vibratory finishing, also known as the vibratory polishing method, has emerged as an exceptionally efficient technique for processing and refining workpieces, particularly stainless steel. This innovative method offers a multitude of advantages that have made it a preferred choice across various industries. In the following discussion, we will delve into five pivotal benefits that distinguish the polishing of stainless steel through vibratory finishing, establishing it as an indispensable solution for the production and refinement of stainless steel products in the industrial landscape.

Perfect surface treatment for every application

Vibratory grinding not only represents an extremely effective method of surface treatment, but also offers numerous economic and ecological benefits. With our patented quick-clamping system and in-depth know-how, we assist our customers in optimizing their processes while remaining economical, environmentally conscious, and efficient. Discover the world of vibratory grinding with us and benefit from a surface treatment that meets your requirements in many ways.

Induction Solutions

IPS Induction Solution: Revolution in Decoating

In an era where efficiency and quality in material processing are demanded more than ever, the IPS induction solution presents an answer. It represents not just an improvement, but a reimagining of the dezincification process. The C-profile treated by our induction heating is a testament to our commitment to technology. The IPS method shows how profound innovation and proven techniques can come together. A look at our solution offers a taste of what the future of de-coating technology might look like.

Painting Technology

Tailored fully automated painting system solutions

Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with high-quality, long-lasting painting systems that not only optimize the production process but also reduce operational costs. At IPS, we strive to consistently offer our customers innovative solutions to exceed their expectations and meet their requirements. IPS - your reliable partner for painting system solutions that set standards.

Special Machine Engineering

Automation and Conveyor Technology

Intelligent Automation Solutions with IPS

In an increasingly digitized and automated world, the implementation of intelligent automation solutions is crucial to remain competitive and enhance production efficiency. IPS (Your Company) stands by your side as a competent partner, accompanying you through the entire automation process. From the initial idea to the successful commissioning of a fully automated process solution, we are your reliable point of contact.

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