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Product and service overview

Vibratory finishing technology


Round vibrators without mandrel.


Round vibrators with fixed mandrel made of plastic or stainless steel.


Round vibrators with movable mandrel made of stainless steel.


Inexpensive versatile solution for various vibratory finishing tasks in the bulk material process.


Complementary to the CIRC with separating flap for workpiece removal.


Trough vibrators MITRO - for small to medium-sized workpieces.


Trough vibrators MITRO-XL - for bulky workpieces.


DIPO plunge grinding machine, ideal for machining large and heavy workpieces.


Ball burnishing machines series KUPO are suitable for economical ball or satellite burnishing.

Process water technology

Water and compound are indispensable elements for vibratory finishing.

Procedural means

For best surface results.

    Induction Solutions

    Fully Automated Robotic Solution

    Thoughtful system solutions for the manufacturing of electric motors.

    Semi-Automated Joining Unit

    Inductive semi-automated joining unit for the manufacturing of electric motors.

    Joining Unit as a Manual Workstation

    Joining unit as a manual workstation for the manufacturing of electric motors with induction.

    Efficient Decoating

    Discover our advanced IPS induction solutions for effective coating removal. Our specialized process specifically eliminates zinc from areas where it is not desired, such as in C-profile gearings.


      Painting Technology

      Paint Systems with Robotic Technology

      Our painting robots are equipped with an advanced sensor system that allows precise control of painting conditions. They autonomously perform calibrations and adapt to changes in the environment to ensure consistent quality.

      Paint Stripping Tanks

      Paint stripping tanks in various sizes enable the stripping of a wide range of workpieces. Thanks to the ideal combination of temperature, mechanics, time, and chemistry, highly cost-efficient paint stripping processes can be implemented.

      Special machinery and assembly systems

      Special machinery

      Innovative customised solutions for special requirements in production and engineering.

      Mounting systems

      Assembly systems make it possible to design production plants and processes more efficiently and cost-effectively.

        Automation and conveyor technology

        Automation technology

        Automation solutions with robotics offer an efficient and safe way to perform complex tasks.

        Conveyor technology

        Conveyor technology is an important area in industrial manufacturing, specifically for the provision of materials and goods.


          Development service

          Development services of product and process Innovations. An important component in many companies.

          Design service

          Design services for products and plants. The opportunity to improve your products and processes and make them more efficient.


            Workpiece lift

            Enables safe and efficient handling of heavy workpieces, reducing the risk of injury to workers.

            Rim trolley

            A special transport device for rims in the automotive industry or in workshops.

            Workstations for various applications

            Our workstations are modular and flexible to meet the requirements of any application.

            Washing area

            Robust construction and use of high-quality materials for demanding requirements.

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